New Utility Connections

Our team of utility project management professionals understand the complexities that deregulation of the utilities infrastructure and connections industry has caused. Through our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we tailor a strategy for our clients to procure the right utility infrastructure solution. Atkins ensures a competitive tendering process, as well as challenging reinforcement costs and securing service credits, thereby achieving the best value for a proposed development.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive service, from formal tender compilation, tender management and assessment through to co-ordination and management of new infrastructure and connections contracts. Where applicable we will challenge reinforcement costs and secure service credits to achieve the best value for the proposed development.

Our clients entrust us with the management of projects, people and issues – and we ensure that deadlines are met, costs are controlled and success is delivered. We provide a flexible service which is typically delivered in two stages:

1. Co-ordination of utility programme

To assist your development and on site agents, Atkins will arrange and attend a pre-start meeting with your representative and relevant appointed utilities, enabling any issues to be discussed and a comprehensive programme of works to be agreed in line with your requirements.

2. Co-ordination of new infrastructure

We will use our industry knowledge and experience, working closely with your on site agents to manage the utility companies who will install the required infrastructure in line with the programme. We will ensure all start dates are requested from the utility contractors to attend site to install the entire infrastructure required for the scheme.

Atkins Can Tailor Strategy to Meet Site Needs

Atkins can tailor the new connections procurement strategy to meet specific site needs, constraints and build programmes. An example of this is a large new mixed use development in the South West comprising over 120 residential dwellings along with retail and commercial units, to be built on a phased basis over a number of years. Atkins procured new infrastructure and connections quotes for the development, successfully ensuring key technical objectives were met, including:

  • Engaging with utility companies to ensure that mains were designed with sufficient capacity for subsequent phases of the build
  • Ensuring planning conditions imposing constraints on the available connection points to existing mains were adhered to
  • Making sure that utility designs took account of variations in ground levels across the site
  • Coordinating utility designs to ensure that new on-site infrastructure did not conflict with proposed on site drainage routes and planting schedules
  • Using our industry expertise and contacts to tailor the tender list to suit the size and nature of the development.


We take a flexible and personal approach, providing each of our clients a dedicated account manager and team to support their needs.



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