PAS 128

PAS 128 – the new utility survey standard

A new Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 128, sponsored by the BSI, launched on the 30th June 2014. The aim of PAS 128 is to achieve clarity for those engaged in the detection and location of utilities, through adopting a consistent standard of undertaking and delivering utility surveys. As one of the leading experts in the industry, Atkins has contributed to the creation of PAS128 through membership on the steering group committee.

What is PAS 128?

PAS 128 applies to the detection, verification and location of active, abandoned, redundant or unknown underground utilities and associated surface features that facilitate the location and identification of underground utility infrastructure. It sets out the accuracy to which the data are captured for specific purposes, the quality expected of that data and a means by which to assess and indicate the confidence that can be placed in those data.

There are four quality levels within PAS 128; A through to D. A survey area may be subdivided so that the appropriate survey level is applied to each so satisfying the project need and addressing the safety and financial risk.

PAS 128 is applicable to surveyors, geophysicists or subsurface utility engineers as well as engineers, constructors, project managers and utility owners, who are responsible for recording information about underground utilities.

A copy of PAS 128 is available to buy from the BSI here.

Watch a recording of our PAS 128 webinar

Our webinar provided a deeper understanding of what PAS 128 means for utility detection and the wider built environment, with a focus on comprehensive desktop utility searches and the importance of thorough utility detection in a real world context.

Watch the webinar recording (password:pas128) here.



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