Value Engineering

Atkins’ commitment to value engineering goes hand-in-hand with an attention to detail when managing the costs at every stage of any utility project. We proactively engage with utilities and our clients in order to arrive at a solution that minimizes costs and delays. Where possible, we will identify and drive savings, through collaboratively working with utility companies and our clients.

Case study: value engineering in action

Atkins successfully delivered value to a major UK house builder on a 500 unit mixed use homes development in West Bromwich. On the development, now completed, there were four significant areas that required diversions and utility management to allow 278 and site access works to be completed. The work included the diversion management of all types of utility infrastructure including gas, water, electricity and telecommunications fibre. By adopting our value engineering approach, we delivered a headline saving to the client in excess of £200,000 against an initial utility costing of £750,000 for the project. This was achieved in a number of ways including:

  • Placing a series of stopping up orders on roads so that utility plant could be abandoned instead of diverted
  • Negotiating with the utilities so that a number of the proposed diversions weren’t required at all. This was done in a number of ways including by simply determining accurate depths for some of the plant using radar surveys and trial pits to confirm that protection works rather than diversions were required. In addition the client bell mouth position was changed slightly as well as adjusting formation levels to avoid substantial amounts of fibre diversions and reduced the length of electrical diversions
  • By challenging the utility costings to ensure that allowances were properly made for contributions from new customer connections
  • Ensuring the optimum location for a new substation
  • Saving costs on disconnections by transferring supplies from a meter supplier that charged for disconnections to one that didn’t.
Atkins consistently provides a faultless service and always seeks to go above and beyond to get the job done. I would consider Atkins one of the most reliable organisations I work with.Mark Allen, client


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